Your Numbers, Our Passion

Our passion is helping Oregon’s small businesses build financial stability. Effective communication, accuracy, and consistency are invaluable in establishing trust and allowing companies to focus on what matters most. Convenient mobile or virtual appointments at your location save valuable time and provide in-person training to help you succeed.

Let’s Introduce Ourselves

Tracy White

Tracy began her accounting career with a business management degree in 2014 and discovered her calling when assisting her community with the Oregon Tax Program. Since becoming licensed, she has thrived in guiding, educating, and teaching business owners how to succeed financially, which motivated her to co-found Riverwolf Accounting.

Cindi English

Cindi always excelled in math, possessing skills and knowledge that helped businesses thrive financially. Since 1989, her motivation in her career has remained focused on helping small business owners overcome challenges and providing the tools needed to succeed. Passionately co-founding Riverwolf Accounting allows her the platform to continue helping Oregon businesses flourish.

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